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The Anatomy of a Leader

Matthew 10:1-3 | Dr. Roy Sommerville

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A note from our Pastor

Thanks for taking the time to check out our website and for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves.  Queensway Baptist Church is a small friendly family church, and we’ve been in the neighbourhood for almost 65 years. Here’s what defines us.

We love Jesus Christ above all else. He’s the most amazing person who has ever lived, and as the Son of God is worthy of our full devotion, allegiance and obedience. We want to be like Him.

We’re a small church and we know each other’s names. We’re all different. We have over 25 different ethnicities represented here. And we love, care for, and forgive each other. We’re not perfect in this area, but we’re doing our best, and want to do better.

We all need each other. That’s the way God designed the Church. We all have a part to play. Each of us has gifts that enable us to serve. When we all take hold of the rope, the Church grows and matures, and everybody gets served.

We love the people who aren’t here yet. The world is a dark place, filled with pain, suffering, fear and despair. But the church is the hope of the world. God has commanded us to love the people of the world, without prejudice, and to shine the light of the good news of Jesus Christ in the shadows. Our aim is not to curse the darkness, but to light a candle instead.

In a culture of moral relativism, the Bible is the world’s only source of divine, absolute, authoritative truth. It is God’s supernatural Word, and as such, we love it. We delight in it. We rejoice over it. We are grateful for it. We stand in awe of it. And we live our lives in obedience to it. The more we love the Word of God, the more we love Jesus – the Living Word of God.

We would love to meet you. Come and join us next Sunday morning at our worship service at 11:00 a.m.

Roy Sommerville


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950 Islington Avenue
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
M8Z 4P6
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