In this section you will find various articles, pamphlets and brochures that are written to teach and help you in your journey with God. It is our hope that you will find these helpful and encouraging, and that they'd be beneficial to the spreading of the Lord's Kingdom here on Earth.

Why Christianity and Religion Don't Mix
Six Potholes on the Road to Building Wealth
How to Know God Exists
How to Pray
The Side-Effects of Disobedience
How Do I Know I'm a Christian?
Why Does God Allow Suffering?
The Evidence for the Empty Tomb
How to Know the Bible is Reliable
How to Study the Bible
How to Listen to a Sermon
The Meaning of Baptism
Why Jesus Died
Tortoises and Fence Posts - Dr. Roy Sommerville's Testimony
Marriage and Divorce
how to get rich slowly... in your marriage
Four Questions every couple should ask before they get married

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