Paul & Ann Allen

Paul serves as the Ontario ministry team coordinator for Hockey Ministries International. He, along with a team of four others, seek to engage Canadian culture with the good news of Jesus and provide spiritual leadership to the hockey world. They do that through camps, chapels and being salt and light.

Roy & Gwyneth Comrie

While officially retired from SIM Canada after decades of missionary service, mostly in Africa, Roy and Gwyneth still minister as pastors to missionaries and national church leaders in Africa and Third World countries, and speak/teach at bible and mission conferences.

Heather Crichton

Heather works with the World Mission to the Deaf and the Evangelical Church for the Deaf in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She works mainly with deaf women and hearing children, visiting, teaching and discipling them. She is also involved in summer camp ministries.

Maybeth Henderson

Since returning from Zambia, Maybeth has been working from her home in London, Ontario, co-ordinating various projects for the mission. Having completed the African Bible Commentary, she has been involved in transcribing taped interviews, initially for a book about the early literature work of SIM in West Africa, and now for the SIM International Archives, documenting wonderful stories of God's faithfulness!

Paul & Libby Hooper

Paul and Libby have been members of Wycliffe for more than 30 years, having spent the first 13 years in Papua New Guinea. Paul became National Co-ordinator of Training in September 2008, overseeing the development and maintenance of pre-field and in-service training programs, as well as training programs related to member care and post-field experience. Libby is the National Member Relations Co-ordinator, involved in personnel matters such as member care and training.

Gilles & Irene Lapierre

Gilles is the Training and Coaching Coordinator for SEMBEQ, developing mentors and giving counsel, encouragement and coaching to church planters and pastors in French-speaking communities.

Mark & Madolyn Osborne

Mark is part of the Ontario ministry team for Hockey Ministries (HMI). HMI provides spiritual leadership in the game of hockey worldwide, conducting chapels, youth hockey camps, clinic and outreach events, as well as bridging the gap between the church and the unreached hockey community.

Tom Phinnemore

Tom is seconded to Wycliffe Papua New Guinea, involved in the first revision of the Ono New Testament that he translated more than a decade ago. He is also working on an Ono dictionary.

Harvey Stromme

Harvey continues to minister yearly in Nigeria for short terms as the Lord directs and supplies. He works as a chaplain/spiritual consultant with City Ministries in preaching, teaching and counselling. He also continues the ministry in Northern Nigeria with his large orphan “family”.